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Carolina Ceramics // Brick & Mortar Selector

Brick & Mortar Selector


Technology Meets Time-tested Quality

Our manufacturing facility utilizes advanced brick-making equipment. Using the largest brick-handling robot in the world and state-of-the-art kilns, Carolina Ceramics can offer outstanding quality control and consistent grading procedures. Craftsmanship sets us apart, but our attention to detail enables Carolina Ceramics to surpass industry standards.

The Southern Palette

The sand and clay of the Southeastern United States offers Carolina Ceramics the ability to create unrivaled brick colors. We are continually adding new colors, textures, shapes and sizes to our line. In addition to rich through-the-body color, our flexible packaging capabilities allow us to blend multiple colors together in one order. Imagine the range of possibilities! You may be surprised by our palette, but don't be surprised when your building is recognized for its extraordinary brick. Need a custom blend? We can do that! So before you settle on a "me-too" brick for your projects, give Carolina Ceramics a call!