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Carolina Ceramics // KLADbrick


We make quick work of brick work.

What happens when you take a time-proven concept and give it a new application? KLADbrick™ from Carolina Ceramics Brick Company. With the look and feel of brick — because it is real brick — and the cost efficiencies of precast panels, KLADbrick yields success stories on many levels. It fills the void between traditional brick walls and precast concrete panels.

KLADbrick panels are assembled off-site in a factory to your specifications. You get exactly the look you want and repetition works in your favor. KLADbrick can save you time and money.
• minimizes construction-site weather delays
• maximizes quality control

Architects enjoy more design options. Mix brick, mix sizes — you design, we do the work. Owners realize consistent, on-time construction resulting in cost savings. Contractors experience less pressure from delays.

Unadorned precast concrete wall panels lack the beauty and substance of Carolina Ceramics™ panelized KLADbrick system. Design and style flexibility married to economic and timeline efficiency  — Kerfed, Locked And Dovetailed brick offers it all.

To download a pdf of our KLADbrick brochure, click here.