Tech Specs

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Our products adhere to the strictest requirements in quality, color, and durability. You can be assured that Carolina Ceramics Brick Company is committed to excellence. This is evident in our specifications.



All Carolina Ceramics Face Brick Meet or Exceed the Following Specifications:
    Face Brick: ASTM C-216, Type FBS, Grade SW.
    Pavers: ASTM C-902, ASTM C-1272, Class SX, Type I, Type R, Type F, Application PX.

    Thin Brick:  ASTM C1088, Grade Interior or Exterior, Type TBX

 A wide variety of special shapes are also available. For best results, stretcher and shape orders must be submitted at the same time.

 Click here to download the specifications form.  The form is an Acrobat PDF Document, click here to download the free PDF Reader if you need it.

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